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Dr. Gordon Neufeld is a foremost expert on the developmental paradigm, internationally respected speaker, and author of the award winning book, “Hold Onto Your Kids”. Read more >


Their presentation was clear and well prepared devoid of unnecessary theory but filled with concrete examples, mostly related to their own children.  Both sisters practice what they preach, which makes their parenting lessons all the more reliable.  And the public reacted gratefully, soaking in the sisters’ childrearing recommendations and asking multiple questions.  In the end of the two-hour presentation, nobody wanted to leave.

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I was so moved by Patti and Colleen’s presentation. I had tears in my eyes several times. I was riveted with the material and found their examples and personal stories helped me greatly to make sense of Dr. Neufeld’s terms and concepts. I relayed what I learned to my husband and already it has made a difference in how we are approaching our two young children.

Mother of two children, ages 7 and 9

I’ve had several parents come to me and tell me Colleen and Patti’s presentations based on Dr. Neufeld’s work have been life transforming for them.

Al Saugstad, Principal of Island Discovery Learning Community

I heard you and your sister speak about children and resistance. It was so wonderful and helpful. A great sigh of relief that this information/approach exists out there in the parenting world. Thank you!

Parent of two children

I want to thank you wonderful ladies for your great insight and compassion into a subject that is bewildering me to no end. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. I left feeing the fog give way and I feel more hopeful than I have in days.

Parent who attended  Making Sense of Preschoolers workshop

I thoroughly enjoyed the “Sibling Rivalry” presentation. You both bring first hand experience  and I think that goes a long way to understanding what parents are trying to cope with.
My boys (5 and 7) would thank you if only they knew why mommy has been so much more patient this week!

Parent who attended Sibling Rivalry talk