Who’s In Charge? The Importance of Parenting from the Alpha Position November 29th Vancouver

 Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Time: 6:45-8:30 pm
Location:Canadian Memorial United Church and Centre for Peace (Great Hall)
1825 West 16th ave, Vancouver

shutterstock_246686527Cost: $45 per person



Workshop Description:
When your child is in charge of the relationship, many problems can manifest in different and varying ways, such as:

* anxiety
* clinginess
* constant pursuit of your attention
* unable to hear “no”
* refuses to follow your directions or listen to you
* bossiness
* bullying
* aggression/frustration
* instructing you on how to parent
* preoccupied on taking care of things
* behaviour or discipline problems

Even if you are not experiencing these challenges, this workshop is excellent for any parent with children of all ages. In this workshop we will discuss why it is so important that we are in “right relationship” with our children, how being in charge brings our children to rest and can allow the brain to grow and mature, and how we can take charge and be the parent our children need us to be. There are many subtle ways we can lose the ‘alpha position’. We will discuss how to identify when we are not in charge and how we can get there.

This presentation is suitable for parents or caregivers of children of any age.