You’re Not the Boss of Me Jan. 7, North Vancouver

Date: Jan. 7/18
Location: Parkgate Community Centre, North Vancouver
Fee: Free


You’re Not the Boss of Me!

Understanding defiance and cultivating cooperation in young children.

A common dynamic that is often frustrating to parents and potentially erodes the parent/child relationship is when a child balks and defies us. It can be as subtle as ignoring our requests or as blatant as telling us “You’re not the boss of me!” When we ask them to clean up, get ready to leave the house, go to bed, come to the table, be kind to their sibling, etc. we may be met with a “No!” or they may, in fact, do the opposite. This dynamic is particularly prevalent in young children. Although the reaction is quite normal and even healthy in certain circumstances, its manifestations and impact can be highly disruptive, making life difficult for parents. In this presentation, Colleen will discuss the meaning of this deeprooted instinct and the dynamics that control its existence and expression. Colleen will provide strategies to help adults reduce the effects of oppositional behaviour and gain cooperation with children. She will draw from her years of being a teacher, family therapist, parent, and work with psychologist, Dr. Gordon Neufeld.